Sony rumored to announce new compress cameras during CES 2013


GF1 vs NEX-F3 charging apparatus. One is tiny and abundant, a other is big, wanting and expensive. Hum…

CES is a time of a year when many companies accumulate in one plcae and uncover off code new and sparkling products, some of that are concepts, while others are tangible products that will be launched soon. Now a good news is that if you’ve enjoyed Sony’s camera offerings, a folks during Sony Alpha Rumors have been sloping off that come CES 2013, Sony will be holding a wraps off some of their new products. Before a budding photographer in we gets too excited, it seems that these new products they will be phenomenon won’t be a Full-Frame NEX camera or a Full-Frame SLT, instead these new products are approaching to be partial of Sony’s compress camera range. It roughly seems anticlimactic, doesn’t it? Then again not everybody needs a energy of a NEX or SLT camera, so there’s really still a marketplace for compress cameras. Either approach check behind with us during CES as we will be on site and we will be bringing we a latest news in all things electronic.

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