Brian Alworth goes behind a camera


Most people know Brian Alworth for his continue forecasts on KFVS, channel 12. But now he’s pity another of his talents.

Alworth will be display his landscape film photography from 4 to 7 p.m. currently during a Crowe Gallery, 13 S. Spanish St. Alworth pronounced he will be exhibiting some of his some-more engaging landscapes in both tone and black and white.

“It felt like it had been so prolonged given we had a show, and we suspicion it would be fun to uncover people what we do,” he said.

Alworth pronounced he is looking brazen to people entrance in and carrying their perceptions altered about photography and himself.

“I wish to warn people and for them to demeanour during my photos and say, ‘Wow.’ we wish to see their reactions,” Alworth said. “I also suffer conference honest opinions. we learn from because people don’t like shots. Being an artist, we never know how good we are until we put it out there. It would be good to get design opinions.”


Alworth pronounced people are always astounded by a peculiarity of his shots, and he is desirous by a adore of a art form.

“I found we have a good eye,” he said. “This is my artistic outlet.”

Alworth pronounced some of his favorite locations to sketch are a Four Corners segment and a Smoky Mountains.

“One thing we adore about photography is it army me to be in pleasing places and fire remote places,” he said.

Alworth pronounced he loves a pleasing views of canyons, colors and American Indian hull of a Southwest. He described photography as “contemplative.”


“I get to knowledge genuine solicitude,” Alworth said.

He mostly hikes out to remote locations during morning and photographs a light and colors changing over a landscape. Alworth also pronounced he uses film over digital cameras for a experience.

“There is a quiet, counsel and contemplative routine concerned in a formulating of an picture on a manual, non-metered vast format film camera,” he said. “With adequate software, maybe a picture can be repetitious though many confidently a knowledge cannot.”

Alworth pronounced photography has been a critical hobby for a past 20 years.

“My initial camera was an inexpensive Pentax given as a gift, and it was adore during initial sight; or some-more precisely, during initial roll,” he said.

Alworth has always had a adore for a outdoors, and photography a was healthy prolongation of that, he said.

“At initial my photography was about documenting hiking and camping trips, and we would take time and support my shots, though we fast became wearied with a uninspired ‘postcard’ demeanour of these snapshots, and shortly landscape photography became a tangible idea of my excursions,” he said.

Alworth pronounced Dr. David Crowe served as a coach an will horde today’s show.

“I wish to let people know who we am, that we am some-more than who am we on TV, and come divided with an appreciation for art and photography,” Alworth said.

Want to go?

What: Brian Alworth photography show

When: 4 to 7 p.m. today

Where: Crowe Gallery

Info: 334-7110

Pertinent address:

13 S. Spanish St., Cape Girardeau, MO

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