Nikon Unveils Rugged Coolpix AW110/110S Cameras

Nikon rolled out several new digital cameras this week including a ruggedized AW110 and AW110s. The dual cameras are really identical in usually differ in a few teenager details. Both cameras offer 5 times visual wizz and use a backside enlightenment CMOS sensors.


The cameras also both have 16-megapixel fortitude and integrated Wi-Fi. The ruggedized inlet of a cameras allows them to be used to a abyss of 18 m while diving and a cameras can tarry falls from approximately 2 m above a ground. The cameras can also withstand cold temperatures and are means to work during adult to -10°C.

Other common facilities embody an altimeter, abyss gauge, and windy vigour indicators that can be accessible with picture data. The cameras also underline built-in GPS and a three-inch OLED arrangement on a back. Both cameras will be accessible in 5 opposite colors. The categorical disproportion is that a AW110s lacks a built-in map arrangement of the sibling. Pricing and accessibility sum are different during this time.

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